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Top 5 Game Help

  • Predict and Rank the Weekend's Top 5 Movies
  • Earn Fantasy Dollars Based on Your Accuracy
  • New Seasons Start Every Month

How to play

In the Top 5 Game you predict which movies will finish in the top five spots for the weekend and how much each will make (the weekend includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only; Monday–Thursday are not counted).

The closer your prediction is to the amount each movie actually earns, the more fantasy dollars you earn.

The game opens every Sunday afternoon with your predictions due before Noon EST on Friday. Locking in your predictions early can earn you bonus fantasy dollars (see more about scoring).



The Top Five game is scored every week and is calculated by taking the difference between your predictions and each movie’s actual box office results for the weekend. The closer your prediction is to the actual earnings, the more fantasy dollars you earn.

You can also earn bonuses per movie based on how early in the week you lock in your predictions (see more about bonuses below).

The maximum score you can earn per movie is the actual amount it makes (if you predict it to the exact dollar… good luck with that) plus a 20% bonus if you made your prediction prior to the first bonus deadline.

The minimum you can earn per movie is $0. There is no negative scoring.


Locking in your predictions early can earn you a bonus based off of your original score. The earlier you lock in your predictions each week, the larger the bonus. Bonuses are as follows…

+20% per movie (before Noon EST Wednesday)
+10% per movie (before Noon EST Thursday)

Predictions made after Noon EST on Thursday are not eligible for bonuses. Predictions lock entirely at Noon EST on Friday.

Scoring Updates

Scores are typically updated on Sunday afternoons (reflecting estimated earnings through Sunday) and revised on Monday evenings (reflecting revised actual earnings through Sunday).


The Top 5 Game is split into 12 monthly seasons every year, based primarily on the start and end of month.

For the 2018 calendar year, seasons are as follows:

May (4) = May 4-6 + May 11-13 + May 18-20 + May 25-27
June (5) = Jun 1-3 + Jun 8-10 + Jun 15-17 + Jun 22-24 + Jun 29-Jul 1
July (4) = Jul 6-8 + Jul 13-15 + Jul 20-22 + Jul 27-29
August (5) = Aug 3-5 + Aug 10-12 + Aug 17-19 + Aug 24-26 + Aug 31-Sep 2
September (4) = Sep 7-9 + Sep 14-16 + Sep 21-23 + Sep 28-30
October (4) = Oct 5-7 + Oct 12-14 + Oct 19-21 + Oct 26-28
November (5) = Nov 2-4 + Nov 9-11 + Nov 16-18 + Nov 23-25 + Nov 30-Dec 2
December (4) = Dec 7-9 + Dec 14-16 + Dec 21-23 + Dec 28-30