About Us

Welcome to Box Office Champs! We’re a fantasy game for movie fans. Think you can spot a blockbuster, bomb, or sleeper hit before they hit the big screen? This is the game for you.

How to Play the Prediction Game

The Box Office Champs Prediction game couldn’t be easier. Just guess how much money you think the upcoming weekend’s releases will earn and see how close you are when the weekend is over.

Unlike the Studio Game, the Prediction Game can be played every weekend. So if you had a bad performance or missed a week, the slate is washed clean and you’ll have another chance to be the Box Office Champ the following week.

Here’s how it works:

Picking Movies

Every week, Box Office Champs will select a slate of five movies for you to make predictions for. The movies selected will be a combination of new releases and the top performers from the previous week.

Making Predictions

You will predict the earnings for each of the five films. Your prediction reflects the amount of money in millions (down to one decimal point) that you think each film will earn between Friday and Sunday. Predictions lock at 3pm EST on Friday of each week.

Good to Know!

Sometimes films are released prior to Friday. The Prediction Game will only count the sum of a movie’s earnings from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Your predictions should reflect that same time span. The same holds true for long weekends caused by a Holiday landing on a Monday. Only Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are counted.

Posting Results

Estimated results are posted Sunday afternoon, with revised actual results being updated Monday evening (or sometimes Tuesday afternoon in the case of a Monday holiday).

Weekly Scores

Your score per movie is determined by the difference in millions (down to one decimal point) between a movie’s actual earnings and your prediction. Those five scores combined represent your total weekend score. The lower the number the better!

Coming Soon

We have more exciting games and content in the works, including custom seasons (so you can choose when you want your seasons to start and end), weekly box office games, and more great movie content so you can see, learn, and share info about your favorite movies—current, upcoming, and past.

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